Ozone Generator for Car Rental

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Ozone Generator for Car Rental

Car ozone generator is efficient in disinfection, smell removal, and car indoor air purifier, without any additives. Easy operation: 5 minutes for smell removal and disinfection, and 5 minutes for air ionizer purification.

Ozone Generator for Car Rental Application area :

1. Car Care Centre/Auto Repairs: new car odor removal:leather smell, car indoor air purifier such as sweat smelly, mouldy odor

2. Regular Car Maintenance: such as odor removal, smoke removal, disease removal,air purifier

3. Indoor Air Purifier: ozone for bacterial virus odor removal, anion for purifying car indoor air

4. Sterilization: destroy variety of bacteria & viruses efficiently without secondary pollution.

5. Health: air purification, expedite human metabolism.

6. Air purify: Also fit for room, such as house, office, hotel room, etc.

HY-B application.jpg

Ozone Generator for Car Rental Feature:

1. Model: HY-028B

2. Ozone output:5G/H

3. Negative ion:8-10 millions

4. Timer: 5 mins for ozone sterilization, 5 mins for negative ion purification

5. OEM/ODM Approved

6. Technology corona discharge

7. Plug-in, Auto-operating with micro-technology

8. LED control panel

9. Work counter times display

10. CE approved

11. Built in air cooled quartz ozone tube, with long life time, high stability, high ozone concentration, low power consumption

12. Suitable used for the machine with no-edges, movable and inner-set stable

13. Control panel: Ozone timer, Anion timer, Total working time or counter, LED control panel, working light, Auto-setting

14. Each model has 2 colorful and anti-oxygen silicone tubes


Ozone Generator for Car Rental Specifications:


Negative ion (Million)

Ozone output (G/Hr )

Power (W)





Voltage (V )

Size (cm)

Weight (kg)





Stainless steel

NOTES: Car Anion Ozone Air Purifier is efficient in disinfection,smell removal,and car indoor air purifier,without any additives.Easy operation:5 minutes for smell removal and disinfection,and 5 minutes for air ionizer purification.

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