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Ozone Generator for restaurant

Brand : Quanju

Product origin : Guangzhou

Delivery time : 5~7 days

Supply capacity : 100 per month

Ozone Generator for restaurant

Ozone is a well-known powerful disinfectant. It will remove the smell from the kitchen exhaust system.

The generator ozone outlet can be installed outdoor or connected to the exhaust duct after the exhaust hood. The ozone needs a minimum contact time with the odor to be able to change its structure and destroy it. Two seconds is the ideal timing.

Ozone Generator for restaurant Specification

Model Disinfection space(m3) Size(mm) Power(w) Ozone output(g/h)
QJ-G-003 500-800 380*280*640 350 20
QJ-G-004 800-1000 400*300*630 500 35
QJ-G-005 1000-1200 400*300*630 600 50

Model: QJ-G-004

Ozone output: 35G/H

Disinfection space: 800~1000m³

Power rating: 500w

Cooling way:Air cooling

Material: Stainless steel

Application:Air treatment

Warranty:12 months

Ozone Generator for restaurant Application

The 35g/h Ceramic Plate Ozone Generator can be installed without an electrostatic filter if the cooking only generates grease mist (no smoke). The ozone breaks down the grease and odour by oxidation. It's especially used in commercial kitchen.

1. Air purify for room, like house, hotel, Karaoke, swimming pool, club, public house, Internet bar, game center, bus station, supermarket, office buildings etc.

2. Disinfect for animal breeding,vegetable greenhouses etc. 

3. Sterilize for daily supplies, such as clothes, pillow towel, tool etc.


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