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Cold Room Ozone Generator

Brand : Quanju

Product origin : Guangzhou

Delivery time : 3-7 days

Supply capacity : 1000 units per month

Ozone Generator for Cold Room:

Ozone is widely used in cold room to keep the food fresh for longer time by killing bacteria and virus in short time.

Cold Room Ozone Generator Specification:

Model: QJ-8007K

Ozone output: 20 G/Hr

Voltage: 220-240V/110-120V, 50Hz/60Hz

Technology: corona discharge ozone cell

Adjustable ozone output

Cooling way: water cooling/air cooling

Special design to avoid water return

Stainless steel casing

Gas source: Inner air compressor

Application-ozone for cold storage and refrigerator:

The shelf life of produce in cold storage can be extended by the use of gaseous ozone. Ozone in the air within a cold storage room can retard the growth of microorganisms in the air and on the surface of the produce.

Ozone is also effective in breaking down ethylene gas which is given off by some foods and accelerates the ripening process. The reduction of ethylene gas will effectively reduce the ripening effect of mixed produce held in the same area.


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