10g ozone generator

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10g Ozone Generator:

Ozone generator with oxygen feeding is widely used for water treatment, like drinking water treatment plant, swimming pool, aquaculture and etc.

10g Ozone Generartor Specification:

1. Ozone output: 10 grams per hour

2. Ozone concentration: 60-80mg/l

3. Dimension: 55*40*75cm

4. Weight: 43kg

5. Power consumption: 680W

6. Oxygen flow rate: 2L/Min oxygen module(built-in style)

7. Corona discharge Ozone Technology

8. Adjustable ozone output from 0-100%.

10G .jpg

10g Ozone Generator Applications:

  1. 2000-3000 liter/hour drinking water treatment, 0.2-0.4ppm

  2. 5000-10000 liter/hour swimming pool water

  3. More info, please contact us.


10g ozone generator
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