Ozone application in wastewater treatment

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Ozone application in wastewater treatment

Ozone application in wastewater treatment

1、For suspended solids and floating matter

After the sewage into the septic tank, where a large proportion of contaminants in the pool precipitation, fermentation digestion. In the settlement process, also mixed some viruses bacteria settle out, so the sludge should be treated accordingly. Septic Tank Effluent will carry a portion of floating debris and mechanical impurities into the pool disinfection, which will affect the bactericidal effect of disinfectant, therefore, before the sewage into the pool disinfection should be fully precipitation and simple filtration.

2For virus

A virus is a small object than bacteria, they do not have a complete cell structure, must in certain living cells to survive and reproduce. In 80% of human diseases are caused by a virus. Generally cold heat-resistant viruses (hepatitis virus, but for hot, dry and frozen there is a certain resistance, such as hepatitis A heat 56 ℃, 1 hour or more; B heat 60 ℃, more than 4 hours), but All viruses boiling temperature and strong oxidants are very sensitive, so you can inject a certain concentration of ozone to inactivate.

3For infectious bacteria

Many types of infectious bacteria, but their activity patterns are similar, generally survive in the range of 5-9.6PH, when the PH value is outside this range germs and death.

Recently developed ozone water treatment technology is widely used in sewage treatment works, received excellent results. This is because ozone has stronger oxidizing power than chlorine, bleaching powder, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, ozone can be faster than the 600- 3000 times the speed kill some bacteria that chlorine can not completely kill, viruses and the others; may be some heavy metal ions Pb, Hg and other oxidizing sedimentation in order to achieve the purpose of separation; In addition, ozone can reduce the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen Demand (COD), the removal of nitrite and bleaching, deodorization. After this sewage treatment, it has greatly improvement of the emission standards, or even return to be used as non-potable water.

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