Drinking Water Ozone Generator

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Drinking Water Ozone Generator:


Model: QJ-8006Y

Dimension: 60*50*143cm

Weight: 106.5kg

Power: 1000w

Construction: built-in oxygen generator, refrigerant air dryer, filter and

3kw external air compressor

Technology: Cold corona discharge technology

Drinking Water Ozone Generator Application:

Ozone is well known as a strong oxidation. It can easily kill virus and bacteria in short time. Ozone plays an important role in drinking water applications.

For example, ozone can used for:

disinfection, color removal, iron(Fe) and Mn reduction, hydrogen sulfide removal, odor and taste reduction, micro pollutant removal and also reduce formation of disinfection by-product such as haloacetic acids.

Ozone is proved to be effective to remova pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Drinking water ozone generator
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