Anion Ozone Generator

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Anion Ozone Generator 

Home use ozone generator, can kill the bacteria and virus in air quickly. Also can be used to wash fruit, meat and etc. Portable design with light weight. Easy to use and operate.

Anion Ozone Generator APPLICATIONS

1.Home ozonator can be used to Kill bacteria and virus, remove odor, formaldehyde, smoke, bad smell, mold, mildew etc for air purification. For 15-25m3 room

2. Home ozone generator can be used to sterilize tap water, drinking water, glass water, disinfect and wash food vegetables and fruits. Wash face, Improve oxygen level in air water, accelerate human metabolism

3. Ozone application in home kitchen, office, bathroom, toilet, fridge, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bed room, cars, hotel rooms etc


Characteristic :

Model: QJ-104J

Ozone output: 500MG/Hr ozone production

Negative ion:3,000,000PCS/CM3

Technology corona discharge ozone cell

Cooling way: air cooling

Special design to avoid water return

Long life discharge ozone cell

Plastic casing; 0-30 minutes countdown timer

Gas source: air source

Built-in air pump,cooling fan

CE certification

Portable or wall mounted

Country :Guangdong,China

control panel.jpg


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