Ozone sterilization and freshener for vegetables and fruits washing

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Ozone sterilization and freshener for vegetables and fruits washing

Ozone sterilization and freshener for vegetables and fruits washing

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, but also a good disinfectant and fungicide, it can kill the micro-organisms and their secretion of toxins on the fruits and vegetables, has an extraordinary performance to remove the pesticide residues.

First, keep fresh and disinfect for fruit and vegetable

Fruits and vegetables in the storage process, itself will release ethylene or carbonic acid gas, these gases are caused by physiological changes in fruits and vegetables, resulting their early maturity, aging and degeneration, causing the corruption and deterioration. In order to eliminate the effects of ethylene and carbonic acid gas from fruits and vegetables, according to the current situation,there are many kinds of preservatives we used, such as ethylene removal, one is adsorption type by activated carbon and another type is oxidative decomposition by potassium permanganate. Although the removal rate of the former method is high, but after the adsorption of organic saturated, then become invalid, and even the risk of desorption. For this existence about the slower removal, the feature fresh effect is not obvious, ozone technology come to the fore.

Ozone disinfection is instant, fast, excellent freshener function for fruit and vegetable and extend the storage time, inhibit the proliferation of pathogens on the fruits and vegetables, delaying the ripening of fruits and vegetables aging, enhance disease resistance, to prevent rotten rot, eliminate odor, and expand the scope of the effect of foreign transport.

Studies have shown that ozone can save fruit and vegetable, beverage and other food storage period by 3 - 10 times than nomal storage. In practical applications, the ozone generator should be installed in a suitable manner.

Second, fruit and vegetable washing

For food plants and people's daily diet, health is an essential part, so the vegetables and fruits will be cleaned and disinfected before the procedure. But incomplete disinfection will bring health requirements and excessive operational problems. So most of people from home and abroad to choose this method and use ozone disinfection for cleaning, inject ozone into the water, and then let the ozone into water and then cleaning and disinfecting the vegetables and fruits, with great effect and no secondary pollution. The specific effects of ozone are as follows:

Decomposition of pesticides and hormones: ozone has a strong oxidizing, oxidize the pesticides and hormonal molecular chain rapidly, so that the pesticides and hormones would become stable inorganic compounds;

Sterilization, disinfection: single atom in ozone has a strong permeability, oxidizing the bacteria and virus cell wall rapidly, then generate the inorganic compounds, play the purpose of sterilization, disinfection completely;

Separate the heavy metal ions: oxygen atoms in ozone can be dissolved in water, and use precipitation separation technique to oxidizing the heavy metal ions to becoming the water-free high-priced compounds;

Preservation, deodorant: washing vegetables with ozone water, or with ozone gas blowing, can extend the shelf life of 2-3 times than nromal, ozone gas can remove the bad smell

In order to achieve a more appropriate disinfection effect, if want to choose one ozone machine, need to according to your exact water flow rate and the volume of the fruits and vegetables

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